Crowdfunding for an Amp!

It’s been Five days that we’ve launched our crowdfunding campaign for the official release and pre-order of the Niko Amp. Your engagement grows everyday, let’s talk about this campaign and aim!



Several weeks ago we ‘ve started to tease you with photos, raw footage of Niko’s playing and testing and now here we are! The campaign ‘s started 5 days ago, first amps has been ordered and we are flying to our goal!

When I say Us, I think first to Niko, the great, the one, the only one! The guy who believed in this project an  has accepted to put is name alongside Ministry of tones, to sign this first amp of a new kind! The man who is the musical talent of this adventure. We share the same DNA, raised with Les Paul and loud Marshall amps. You just can’t imagine my felling when Niko played the amp for the first time, it was a rare and unique moment, and for this I will ever thank Niko. This campaign, those amps, this is the alliance of a company with a gifted guitarist to allow him to continue his art and serve music!!!!

U turn

This project is the opportunity for ministry of tones to change its direction an determine the good way to conduct its business. The project grew up on the bench and clearly Ministry of tones ‘s found its economical and technical aim . We’ve always been partisans of good products with access prices, that’s why we put aside the perfect rig project (our full potion pedalboard). We kept on this way with our current pedal, which are ODM subcontracted! They are good, and we keep it on catalog but in a mid term they will let the place to 100% french made pedals, and it starts with the Niko Silver drive!

Pré-série de Niko Silver Drive

French made and affordable!

This is the first step of our 100% french production line. Our willingness it to make it affordable. We ‘ve benchmarked competitors and adjust our price on those. At the same price we can garantee origine tracking, vertuous process and overal quality of the  » french made ». We don’t forget that we make it to produce the best possible amp to serve guitarists inspiration and make everything possible. The idea is also To have our amps in Music School, make those amp reliable, easy to maintain, encompassed in our sustainable development point of view. We ‘ll reach this only with a rationalized, efficient, flexible production process.

Half boutique amp.

Open a Niko amp and you won’t find any turret board or point to point hand assembled components, You will face a PCB. You will face an well designed and optimized PCB dans , developped to be modular, built to face time, road and daily use. It has been designed like building block game , enough versatile and flexible to rebuild a destroyed amp or to recreate a new kind. This i one of our way to make it sustainable and clearly ESR focused! Components are assembled in the workshop, after selection and test; This way we hope to combine production quality, low cost, and high productivity . We always want to  put davantage on local and vertuous supply chain.  Whatever the demand will be we’ll keep this in mind and make it possible!!!

Présérie du Niko Amp avant l’évolution modulaire!

Open source amp

The idea is to make modular and standardized enough to propose people to develop their own amp based on our modules. Thanks to the time spent on studies and experimental  we started to think Tube amp architecture another way: first to make it easier to develop and finally to give it it’s unique modular structure. Each dedicated circuit (power supply pré-amp, power amp, reverb, tremolo, Fx loop, stereo module ) will be available for makers and guitar geeks and boutiques soo that everyone can compose its own amp without the initial cost and time needed to develop it!



Develop our footprint!

Thanks to this campaign we also want to develop our presence out of french and EU borders. The opportunity for us reach the demand on foreign countries thanks to win win partnership with local stores. As we do in France we want to be set up a strong relation with local shops, able to distributes and manage after sales for us! Don’t hesitate to contact us!!!


Ministry of tones goal

  • Reach the minimum fund goal of 15000€
  • Develop our 100% French effect pedal line which starts  with the Niko Silver Drive
  • Create the Modular amp kit
  • Develop the Musical school version ot the Niko Amp
  • increase our footprint and develop a strong an flexible supply chain

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